Welcome to the GLCAAAE mentoring program page! The GLCAAAE Mentoring Committee is pleased to let you know we are developing a mentoring program for the Great Lakes Chapter.  If you are interested in participating in the program, please use the appropriate “mentor” or “mentee” form below depending on what you are interested in. It is okay to use both if you are seeking both mentorship and mentoring!

Mentor Application Form
Mentee Application Form

The program is currently still being developed, expect more information to be added to this page in the future. Additionally, early participants in the program will be asked to provide feedback in order to help shape and add value to the mentorship program.

If you have any mentoring resources that you would like to share or to be used in the program or have any questions, please contact:

William Brenny | [email protected]

Joe Goetz | [email protected]