Founding Charter Members

The persons listed here were granted Charter Membership in the Chapter when they participated in the formative meeting of the Chapter on August 1, 1968 in Chicago, IL.

Walter Betsworth, AAE - Waterloo, IA
Erwin R. Breihan - St. Louis, MO
John Carr - Chicago, IL
Edward E. Cartledge - Battle Creek, MI
Barry S. Craig, AAE - Dayton, OH
Thomas J. Cusack - Chicago, IL
Joseph Davis, Jr. - Oakland/Pontiac, MI
Bob Denison - Saginaw, MI
W.R. Donahue - West Chicago, IL
Joseph P. Dunne, AAE - Chicago, IL
R. Audron Elkins - Gary, IN
Bill Fletemeyer, AAE - Lafayette, IN
James R. Hawley, AAE - Muskegon, MI
Larry Hirschinger - Muncie, IN
Herbert H. Howell, AAE - Chicago, IL
Garwood Judah, AAE - South Bend, IN
Henry P. Julliard, AAE - Louisville, KY

George N. Kirk, AAE - Moline, IL
Robert S. Michael, AEE - Milwaukee, WI (Active)
James A. Mueller - Chicago, IL
Kenneth R. Newstrom - Columbus, OH (Active)
V.R. O'Brien - St. Louis, MO
John F. O'Connor - Chicago, IL
Chuck Olson - Appleton, WI
Edwin Petro, AAE - Indianapolis, IN
Huston Powers - Indianapolis, IN
Arthur Quaid - Springfield, IL
Paul J. Rogers - St. Louis, MO
Robert M. Ross, AAE - Grand Rapids, MI
Robert Skuldt, AAE - Madison, WI
Dan Smith - Springfield, IL
Bob Van Aartsen - Kalamazoo, MI
Douglas C. Wolfe - Lorain, OH
James R. Wood, AAE - Dayton, OH