Annual Conference

The Chapter annual is held at various locations throughout the Chapter area end of July to early August.

Family attendance is encouraged with special programs for parents and children. The members program includes a variety of topics covering items of current interest, update sessions on federal programs, consultant topics, subjects of interest to airport board and commission members, etc. Information discussion sessions are also popular.

Social activities include golf and fishing tournaments for all ages, luncheon and dinner gathering, concluded with an annual banquet and awards ceremony.

Additional Meetings

A Chapter meeting is held at AAAE’s Annual Conference.

A Winter Board Executive Committee meeting is held each year.

Specialty Conferences

The Chapter presently co-hosts two specialty conferences annually with the parent organization (AAAE): the Environmental Conference and the National Air Service Conference.

National Airport Economic Development Conference

Airports play a vital economic role in the community. Increasingly airports are being asked to support a region’s economic development. This happens through a variety of ways – increased air service opportunities to attract and support existing businesses, partnering with local economic development agencies, or developing their own airport property to attract both aeronautical and non-aeronautical development. Airports spur growth and it is important for airport professionals to not only understand the airport’s role in a region’s economy, but also to position itself as a leader to develop those opportunities that present themselves.

In 2018, the National Airport Economic Development Conference will include a Land Development Workshop. This pre-conference workshop will be an afternoon focused on the non-aeronautical development of land adjacent to your airport. Get educated on the legal aspects involved from Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell. Take advantage of an opportunity to sit face-to-face with FAA and get your questions answered. Hear from a developer’s point of view and find out what makes airport land attractive in their eyes. Finally hear from several airports who have successfully completed a unique project. These case studies will be from small airports with stories and examples scalable for many airports.

GLC/FAA Airports’ Conference

  • Meet with representatives from the FAA
  • Disabled Aircraft Recovery
  • Preparing for FAA Safety Inspection
  • UAV-Regulatory & Operational Perspective
  • Environmental Workshop:

The Great Lakes Chapter sponsors an Environmental Workshop annually. The Chairman for the Environmental Conference Committee serves as a liaison between the Chapter and the national AAAE Environmental Committee. The role of the national Environmental Committee is to research, comment, and advise AAAE on a variety of environmental issues. Within that committee are various sub committees that deal with noise, air quality, water quality, etc.